How To Build A Grooming Routine For Men That Works

How To Build A Grooming Routine For Men That Works

Contrary to what pop culture and Instagram influencers might have led you to believe, taking care of yourself doesn't have to be a 2-hour long process. And while we are addressing misconceptions about male grooming, let me also assert that there's nothing feminine, or impractical, about wanting to put your best face forward. So while slapping on some water on your face and running your fingers through your hair might be tempting to have as a 2-step grooming ritual, it won't help you channel your best version, neither externally nor internally. 


Which brings us to the fundamental question of what exactly is grooming for men? How much is too much, and where do I draw the line? Well, your grooming routine depends on your preferences and needs. For instance, if you have a beard you are quite proud of, your grooming routine will involve the additional step of manscaping. So really, you decide if you want to have 5 steps in your grooming regimen or go all Christian Bale from American Psycho. Regardless, there are some essential steps you must not miss out on. And on that note, here's your comprehensive guide to building a grooming routine for men, that actually works.

1. For Your Teeth 

Everybody wants to have a set of perfectly lined pearly whites that they can flash in the form of a confident smile. While you can't do much about the alignment at least on such short notice, you can definitely practise great oral hygiene that will leave you with healthy, clean teeth and a fresh mouth. I'm sure you brush your teeth daily like every normal adult, but also include regular flossing and rinsing with a mouth wash in your oral hygiene routine. Not only is it a recommended practice from the perspective of staying clean and hygienic, but it will also make a truckload of difference to your confidence.

2. For Your Face 

Now, this is where most men tend to give up. Believe you me, regardless of the naturally healthy skin you might consider yourself to be blessed with, underlying skin problems like clogged pores leading to breakouts or blackheads or even excessive oiliness, need to be dealt with at a deeper level than splashing tap water on your face and scrubbing it with soap. While skincare is a broad topic, there are a few basic things you can do to enhance its health and appearance. Some essential steps you should include in your skincare routine are: 

Use A Face Wash - Daily 

Be sure to pick one that suits your skin. For instance, a moisturising face wash might not work well for someone with naturally oily skin. Similarly, oil-control face wash for dry skin might do more harm than good. 

Use A Moisturizer - Daily 

After you've thoroughly cleaned your face, applying the right moisturizer is crucial for healthy, glowing skin. Again like all skincare products, pick a moisturizer based on your skin type. 

Use A Face Scrub - Weekly 

A good weekly scrub is an essential step to achieving healthy skin, getting rid of clogged pores and blackheads, and exfoliating dead skin cells. 

Use A Peel Off Face Mask - Fortnightly 

While this doesn't have to be a mandatory step in your skincare routine, it's highly recommended that you slap on a peel-off mask every two weeks, or a few times a month. This is the final icing in any skincare routine for men, that ensures deep cleansing down to your skin pores. 

4. For Your Hair (Everywhere) 

If you're blessed with a good head of hair, it's your moral obligation to take good care of it. Proper haircare and periodic manscaping are two absolutely essential steps in any grooming routine for men. 

Shampoo & Condition Your Hair - Every 2nd or 3rd Day

Be sure to pick a shampoo that suits your hair. While choosing a 2-in-one conditioner + shampoo can be highly tempting, most of them tend to dry out your scalp. Wash your hair periodically, but not too frequently as that can cause the loss of natural oils in your hair and scalp, and lead to dandruff and other such hair problems. 


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